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Ad van der Horst
your 2cv specialist
Rental - Sale - Maintenance - Spare parts - Renovation - Mediation
Ad vd Horst specialises in everything that has even
the slightest link to 2cv and Méhari.
This means he also knows about Dyane, Ami and other 2cv types. 
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Ad van der Horst started as the hobby of Ad and is a real family business. The whole family works together as a team: Ad, his wife Petra and their children Thijs, Harm en Kim.

Car rental, Sale, Maintenance, Spare parts, Renovation and Mediation.

If you need anything, just go to Ad van der Horst.

He has over 30 years of experience and exudes the real Citroen spirit, ever since he started to tinker with his first second hand Dyane.

Every 2cv lover will find something he likes thanks to the continuously changing stock of about 30 cars. Also, Ad van der Horst is always on the lookout for that one special car you are really looking for. Most cars are imported from France, Belgium and Germany. The cars are also sold with warranty. When your car needs maintenance you get a free 2cv while it is being repaired. Ad van der Horst also does MOT tests and changes the chassis of your car. There is also the possibility of totally rebuilding a 2cv and to paint it any colour you want. We also do 2cv or Méhari rentals! 

Ad van der Horst is situated in Boerdonk, in the municipality of Veghel, province of Noord-Brabant.
(south of The Netherlands).
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NEWS   This winter rent your winter gear (rims+tires) at Ad van der Horst!

For your 2cv/Méhari/Dyane etc.
Complete set with M+S tire CHAMPIRO 135/70 R15.
Prices include application if requested.


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Year: 1980

Color: Vert Tibesti

Nice original Spanisch Mehari 4 seater. Equipped with the latest technology with in the front disc brakes and double carburettor. A perfect chassis and frame because the always dry climate. Good technique.

Complete original Spanish roof in good condition.

€ 10.750,-


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